Create a better version of yourself, your body, and your life


Burn body fat, visible now! Just in 7 days bring your belly fat down for 3-7cm circumference. Now is the time to experience our 21 Day SHRED EXTREME Challenge in only 7 DAYS!

How ?

Villa Manis staff is pampering you in a 5 Star environment, just image the retreat takes place in Bali, the magical island, where we may utilize the tropical conditions to improve metabolism.

The surroundings are both energizing and meditative. Spiritual energy may be found everywhere, making it easy to find yourself a personal spot, a stroll to the ocean, sand on your toes, and an ocean breeze on your skin. Light clothing and shoes, as well as being barefoot, allow you to feel your body and spirit more gently.

A legendry combination of a yummy diet with a lot of sweating from workouts like spinning and HIIT training, as well as yoga, breathwork & sound healing! 


A professional team of nutritionist, sport science and health coaches not only creates great meals and menus with you, also explains the why and benefits behind the scenes because healthy food can be tasty too!  Nutrition is the key in our SHRED program. 


The second element of SHRED is a physical training, developed by former army platoon commander and 1st Lieutenant, made by national speed climbing athlet, cyclists and former martial art fighters. Presently fitness experts, make you feel the SHRED by simple execution of exercise but in a type of short yet intense training. Indoor cycling, Spinning, HIIT and LIIT will bring you to your personal mental and physical limits.

We also have Yoga instructors and meditation specialists in our team of pros to help you improve and nourish your mental and physical potential. Yoga, singing bowls, and breathwork will transcend you to other worlds.


3-7 cm circumference in 7 days, and that’s not all; work with a professional team to transform your life mentally and physically! Leave the island of gods with loving yourself in all kinds of new and magical ways.

After Work

Our partner MYZONE with its high end Heart Rate tracker is INCLUDED in your retreat! This community tool will be your partner and trainer on your wrist, even after SHRED to stay connected with the pros! For more info about MYZONE click here:

When ?

BOOK NOW to reserve you spot! Space is limited! 

17 – 23 April
15 – 21 May
05 – 11 June

Book Now to reserve. Space is limited


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